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All six episodes r1 ... View this e-mail in your browser Dear PAOV,

We know we’ve been hitting you up a lot lately about our new podcast, but that’s because a) it’s awesome, b) we’re excited and c) it's important.

Today we’ve released all six episodes of Bear 148!

That's Bear 148, above. She lived in Alberta’s Bow Valley and loved eating dandelions and goose eggs.

She was a pretty chill bear and not afraid of people. In fact, many people said she was a perfect neighbour. So why did she end up dying nearly 500 km from her home in Banff National Park? Find out.

When Bear 148 died, many of her human neighbours were up in arms. There were rallies, petitions, community meetings. And now there’s a six-part podcast, available wherever you listen to podcasts.

Here’s the thing about our debut in the podcast world: it means we have an opportunity to reach a whole new audience.

The more of you who listen, subscribe and rate our podcast today, the more new people we’ll be able to reach.

Still asking yourself what a podcast is? Fear not!

"Podcast" is just a fancy word for an audio documentary that you can download if you feel like it. But you can also just listen to it on your computer as if it was a CBC Radio show … except it’s a Narwhal radio show. Cool, right?

Give Bear 148 a listen today, however you feel like listening.

Why does the story of one bear matter?

In the Bow Valley, and in many other places where people and wild animals live close together, people use the term "coexistence." But what that term means off paper and in action is complex.

As our natural world quickly changes, the footprint of our communities and activities expands. Bear 148’s story is a glimpse into some of the realities wildlife face.

Even in her death, Bear 148 can teach us a lot about how to live.

Thanks for listening,

Emma Gilchrist

P.S. Don’t worry, we're not just podcasting: we’re still hustling on all the other big stories about Canada’s natural world as well. Since we last wrote to you on Thursday, we’ve broken a really important story about industry lobbying of the Senate, published an epic feature on Port Renfrew re-inventing itself in the face of fishing restrictions and covered the climate change reckoning happening in Atlantic Canada after historic floods.
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