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Hi Paov,

Our campaign to update digital privacy rules made headlines recently when Vancouver International Airport authorities refused to allow OpenMedia ads at a nearby public transit station1.

The ads informed travelers about their privacy rights at the border, in particular the out-of-date rules that border agents use to search through the highly personal contents of phones and laptops, without a warrant.

It's incredibly concerning that YVR airport... wants to keep information about your rights hidden from travelers.

So instead, we put ads in most of the Canada Line trains that take travelers to YVR.

Most people in Canada don’t know anything about what rights they have if their devices are searched, or how to make a complaint or speak out. We need to get the word out to as many people as possible. Can you take a moment to sign the message on our site and share it with your friends?


We carry incredible amounts of highly personal information on our devices, from emails, photos, texts, banking and health apps to confidential business files.

And yet because our laws are so out of date, these devices are treated no differently from searching a bag of clothes2.

Our campaign is getting the word out to travelers about their rights, but we need to go further. We urgently need to make changes to our laws to protect privacy and ensure that the rules guiding searches of digital devices properly reflect the volume and nature of the data on them.


Thanks so much,

Victoria with OpenMedia

[1] YVR under fire after blocking ads with information on travellers’ privacy rights:
Global News
[2] Crossing the border this summer? Know that guards can search your electronic devices:


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