Trans Mountain approved? Time to dust off our dancing shoes and strike up the band.

Trans Mountain approved? Time to dust off our dancing shoes and strike up the band. r1 ... Join forces to be part of a force for good. r33 What do friendship, chocolate bars, dance parties, and a super-pod of orca puppets have in common? They’re the secret sauce behind the winning campaign to support Indigenous Nations and defeat the Trans Mountain pipeline and tankers project. It may feel exhausting to keep on fighting a project that just won’t die, but the inconvenient truth is: by pulling together under Indigenous leadership, we’re winning, and we’re going to keep winning. RAVEN launched Pull Together in collaboration with Sierra Club BC back in 2014 under the tagline “Who knew stopping a pipeline could be so much fun?” People like you came up with amazing ways to organize, fundraise and donate. Thanks to you, we've raised over a million dollars, and built an incredible movement that beat Enbridge and has kept Trans Mountain on the ropes. So, how are we reacting to today’s re-approval of Trans Mountain? First: we donate. Then: we dance! Don’t get us wrong: we’re NOT impressed. It’s outrageous that Trudeau has approved Trans Mountain without properly consulting Indigenous communities. It’s positively insane to build a tarsands pipeline when the scientific and international communities are declaring a climate emergency. It’s deeply disappointing that Indigenous Peoples' rights, following yet another round of hasty consultations, have been disregarded in favour of Big Oil’s agenda. That doesn’t change the fact that many Indigenous Nations remain firmly opposed to this pipeline and tankers project: in fact, they’re planning a fresh set of legal challenges. Will you Donate to the legal fund?

We’re going to lean in — hard — to stop this project. And ... we’re going to do it with the same spirit that makes our movement tenacious, joyful, and radically rooted in community. Maybe it’s because we know the law is clearly on the side of First Nations (with over 250 court victories at their backs, Indigenous Peoples are on the biggest winning streak in Canadian legal history). Or maybe it’s because we know how infectiously awesome— and effective — the people who make up this movement are. By standing up and joining hands, we’re building connections between people and communities that have the resilience to meet the coming challenges. After all, by pulling together to protect what we love, we defeated one of the biggest oil companies on the planet. It may sound weird to say it but: We are going to have SO much fun stopping this pipeline. Let’s make this the summer of Pints Not Pipelines. Tea Not Tankers. BBQs Not Bitumen. We’re calling on people from Montreal to California — and everywhere in between — to find smart, kick-ass and creative ways to stand with Indigenous Peoples against Big Oil. Are you in? Sign up here to organize an event. Click here to donate. Together, let’s ride the wave to victory behind Indigenous Nations who, with courage and tremendous grit, will never back down. With love and solidarity, Andrea, Ana, + the RAVEN team

p.s Want to be part of the re-re-relaunch of the campaign to stop Trans Mountain? Connect with usThis email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.?subject=Pull%20Together%20volunteer" style="color: #000000;mso-line-height-rule: exactly;-ms-text-size-adjust: 100%;-webkit-text-size-adjust: 100%;font-weight: normal;text-decoration: underline;" target="_blank"> to join Pull Together as a volunteer, organizer or fundraiser.

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