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Paov — I wanted to make sure you saw this email. The CRTC has just released its policy directive putting people before profits, and OpenMedia was a big influence! Now we need to hold Parliament accountable to following through. Will you donate to help us fight for the free and open Internet? Your donation will be TRIPLED by generous donors



Ottawa has announced a Digital Charter to protect Canadians online with fantastic-sounding goals, such as "universal access" and "safety and security."1

The problem is that the Digital Charter doesn't mean anything without the policies to back it up — and we can't count on the Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission (CRTC) or Parliament to follow through on those promises without serious grassroots pressure.

We have our work cut out for us, but we also have some terrific news: generous donors have stepped up to TRIPLE every donation we get from now until the end of June to help us meet our $50,000 fundraising goal and make sure that the government follows through on the Digital Charter.

Will you donate to OpenMedia to help fight for a free and open Internet? Your donation will be TRIPLED by generous donors.


The Digital Charter sounds fantastic. Access to broadband for everyone. Transparency from the government. Freedom from hate speech and extremism. Privacy protections for our data.2

But the big telecom companies, including Bell, Telus, and Rogers, are lobbying to make sure that the policies coming out of the charter are as weak as possible.

We're standing up to the Big Three, starting with filing a formal information request with Parliament to release the results of the digital consultations held last year.3 The government has had the results of these consultations for months but has refused to make them public. We're going to bring them to light.

We're also ramping up our efforts to usher in more competition to Canada's mobile market, as well as more affordable cell phone plans.

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We have so much planned this year to bring more power to people using the Internet.

Recently, we sponsored a poll on Right to Repair—legislation to stop Apple, Google, and other big-tech mega corporations from controlling if and how we can repair the cell phones, tablets, and laptops that we own.

The results were staggering. More than 75% of Canadians have had to throw out devices with a repairable issue because of barriers to fixing them. This is terrible for our pocketbooks and our environment. And across party lines, people overwhelmingly support Right to Repair legislation. We're running a campaign to make that happen at the federal level.

We're also still fighting to stop digital strip searches of our cell phones at the border, and protect our most personal information from snooping agencies under Bill C-59.

We want to make a huge impact with all of these campaigns, but it's up to you, our supporters, to decide how much we can do. And thanks to generous donors who believe in our work like you do, your donation will be TRIPLED if you give right now.

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For the Internet,
Marie, and the whole team at OpenMedia

[1][2] Canada launches Digital Charter to combat hate speech and fake news: CNet
[3] Government of Canada launches national consultations on digital and data transformation: Cision


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