A big week in climate politics

Let’s flood federal leaders’ phone lines to demand real action. r1

Dear friends,

This was
a big week. On Monday, Parliament voted to declare a climate emergency. On Tuesday, Trudeau approved the Trans Mountain pipeline for the second time with a thinly veiled attempt to greenwash the climate-wrecking project. And, on Wednesday, the Conservatives rolled out a so-called, “climate plan.”

For perhaps the first time ever, people across Canada are concerned enough about climate change to make it a top voting issue ahead of this election. And politicians are taking notice.

That’s why it’s so important that we convince Canada’s Leaders’ Debates Commission to host a climate debate this fall. We could make that happen by convincing federal party leaders to support the call.
Will you take 2 minutes today to call the office of one our major federal party leaders and demand that they commit to a debate on climate change in October's election? Our click-to-call system makes it easy by dialing the number for you.

More than 11 million people watched the leaders' debates in 2015, and there was only a single question about climate change. This time around, we... need a full debate. If we’re in a climate emergency, we need to know who has a real emergency response plan.

By speaking up, we can move politicians to do the same. Yesterday morning, after listening to a rushed CBC climate debate where no one really learned anything about our major parties' climate plans, I called on my MP to support a climate debate. And, he did, tweeting out that “we need much more time and attention, and a full leader’s debate is a great idea.”

Hundreds of people have already called our federal leaders and a few more calls could make all the difference. Call federal leaders today and demand that they participate in a leaders’ debate on climate change and a Green New Deal.

This week, we saw just how strong of a hold Big Oil has on our government. We saw Justin Trudeau try to greenwash his decision to approve a pipeline with the same climate impact as 34 million cars. And we heard Andrew Scheer outline a climate plan that might as well have been written by the fossil fuel industry.2 These false solutions are not good enough.

We need a Green New Deal to tackle the climate emergency, and a climate debate will tell us – and millions of people across Canada – who has a real plan to bring us one.

The movement for a Green New Deal is really picking up steam. Help us make sure that real solutions to the climate crisis, like a Green New Deal, are central in this fall’s election.


PS - I wrote an article for the Huffington Post commenting on Trudeau’s attempt to greenwash his approval of the TransMountain pipeline. Take a look and share with your friends and family to help them understand why this decision is terrible for our climate and our future.


1 - Greenwashing Trans Mountain profits won't put oil back in the ground

2 - Scheer touts industry-friendly climate plan

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