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I'm still digesting the news from last week that the Trudeau government approved a pipeline just hours after declaring a climate emergency. But, I’m also filled with hope seeing the growing movement for a Green New Deal in Canada.

Over the last few weeks, more than 7,000 people participated in 200+ town halls to build a shared vision for Canada’s Green New Deal. Looking back, I feel inspired by the bold solutions to the climate crisis and rising inequality that we imagined together.

Just watch this video to see for yourself:

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We are in a climate emergency. This year alone we have seen floods and fires ravage communities from coast to coast to coast. And it is clear we can’t wait any longer for our leaders to step up and take this crisis seriously. We have to lead the way instead.

Let’s make sure politicians of all stripes feel the pressure. Sign the... petition demanding a leaders’ debate on climate change during the fall election.

Speaking up can make a big difference. Last week, hundreds of people called major federal party leaders to support a leaders’ debate on climate change. And thanks to their calls, Green Party leader Elizabeth May became the first federal party leader to announce her support for a climate debate. And since town halls started in May, dozens of candidates for the federal election, from across party lines, have come out in support of a Green New Deal. This is what winning looks like.

By rising up to build a Green New Deal, people in every corner of the country are demonstrating mass support for bold and ambitious climate action. Now, as we approach the federal election, we have to make sure politicians have a plan that matches this level of ambition.

Together, we can and will change the debate on climate action during this election. Join over 10,000 people who have demanded a leaders’ debate on climate change.


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