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Parliament is currently reviewing the Broadcasting and Telecommunications Acts—the laws that regulate virtually everything about the Internet.

Will we be... paying an Internet Tax? Will Net Neutrality be weakened? Will ISPs like Bell be able to unilaterally block websites and continue dominating the wireless market?

Bell, Telus, and Rogers are lobbying hard to make sure all these decisions are made in a way that enriches them at everyone else's expense--and if you donate now, generous donors will TRIPLE MATCH your gift.

Will you make a donation to help fight for the free and open Internet? All donations made before the end of June will be 3x matched, but there are only a few days left!

Justin Trudeau's government has been making big promises about the Internet to Canadians.

The Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission (CRTC) declared broadband access a basic service. The newly announced Digital Charter promises an Internet that prioritizes control over our own data, freedom from extremism, and universal access.1

But these promises don't mean anything if policy doesn't back them up. That's why OpenMedia has been urging the government to get broadband service to the 20% of Canadians who don't have adequate access and to open up the market to smaller providers to drive down prices. We're fighting against corporate censorship and pushing back against further intrusions into our privacy.

And we're winning. In a recent legal review, a parliamentary committee rejected corporate proposals, including Bell's Fairplay website-blocking proposal, which would have censored the Internet and restricted free speech. OpenMedia's recommendations and live testimony played a big part in the committee's reasoning.2

The CRTC has also released a new policy directive that rejects the Big Three's monopoly and puts consumer interests and innovation above corporations. OpenMedia helped drive more than 14,000 comments to the CRTC to make this directive happen.3

Now comes our biggest fight ever—the review of the Broadcasting and Telecommunications Acts. We're ramping up campaigns to stop censorship, protect our privacy online, and bring affordable service to Canada. We're fighting for privacy at the border. We're making plans to stop Bell, Rogers, and Telus from monopolizing 5G networks.

We're a crack team of campaigners with big goals, and we need your help. Thankfully, generous donors have agreed to TRIPLE every donation we receive until the end of June to help us meet our $50,000 goal.

Will you donate to help us take back the Internet?


For the Internet,
Laura, and the whole team at OpenMedia

[1] Canada launches Digital Charter to combat hate speech and fake news: CNet
[2] Statutory Review of the Copyright Act: House of Commons
[3] OpenMedia welcomes government’s new policy direction to guide CRTC: OpenMedia


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