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Paov—Did you see this email from this morning? We are just $6,000 from our $50,000 goal, and you can help us meet it by having your donation TRIPLE MATCHED for the next six hours. Will you donate now?


We're so close to meeting our $50,000 goal to help fight for the free and open internet. But the deadline... to have your donation TRIPLED to help OpenMedia is MIDNIGHT.

Will you chip in to help OpenMedia fight for our Internet? Your donation will be TRIPLED by a generous donor.

We're a small team fighting on many fronts. Here are just a few of the campaigns we're ramping up this summer:

  • We're pushing the Canadian Parliament to reject the Internet Tax and website blocking during the Broadcasting and Telecommunications Acts reviews.
  • We're working to save Net Neutrality in the US by pressuring Congress to pass the Save the Internet Act.
  • We're warning travelers in both the US and Canada about cell phone strip searches happening at the border.
  • We're fighting against Big Telecom for more choice and more affordable data.

That's why this $50,000 fundraising goal is so critical to our work. We need the resources to keep building the innovative Internet organizing tools that connect people to their governments and keep designing the attention-grabbing actions that hold them accountable.

The good news is every dollar you donate will be TRIPLED by generous allies in our fight for the Internet. You can have a greater impact than ever before.

Give $10, it's worth $30. Give $25, it's worth $75. Whatever you give will be tripled to help fight for the free and open Internet, but only before midnight tonight.

Will you stand with OpenMedia? Click here to donate, and your gift will be TRIPLED by a generous donor.


For the Internet,
Laura, and the whole team at OpenMedia


We work to safeguard the possibilities of the open Internet, and toward informed and participatory digital policy.
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