Free e-book about migrant workers - for the next 5 days only


For the next five days only, LabourStart's most recent book -- The Strangers Among Us: Tales from a Global Migrant Worker Movement -- is available for download free of charge for the Amazon Kindle.

This free offer lasts from today through Monday next week.

Book cover.This extraordinary short book, edited by Joseph B. Atkins, offers readers compelling insights from 10 writers around the world about migrant workers' rising consciousness of their rights and ability to assert those rights in a global economy that seems to place all power in the hands of mega-corporations. From tobacco workers in North Carolina to Vietnamese domestic workers in Taiwan and the network of organizations that support them, a movement is emerging that will pose a growing challenge to neoliberal rule.

Here are the download links:

I encourage every LabourStart supporter to download this free book today -- and to spread the word in your unions.

Important: You don't need to buy a Kindle e-reader in order to read this book. You can download free Kindle software... to read it on your computer, smartphone or tablet. Learn more here.

Don't like e-books? You can buy a print edition here.

Thanks very much!

Eric Lee

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