Paris Police Teargas Peaceful Climate Demonstrators

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A Socialist Project e-bulletin ... No. 1858 ... July 8, 2019

Paris Police Teargas Peaceful Climate Demonstrators

Richard Greeman

It was 42° C (108° F) in Montpellier, France, last week, and the French police were still teargassing peaceful demonstrators -- whether Yellow Vests in Montpellier or ecologists in Paris protesting capitalist-generated Global Warming on the hottest day in French history!

As the contradictions between neoliberal economics and human life become more visible, police repression seems to be the new normal even in the "democracies" and I have seen little coverage, much less indignation, in the media at this latest outrage.

"Kill the messenger" -- whether it be a peaceful crowd of citizens or a whistle-blower like Julian Assange -- seems to be the only response left for the defenders of capitalism, even in the world’s two oldest republics: France and the US.

Forget about the so-called authoritarian "populists" and outright tyrants like the darling Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia (who, having murdered a journalist, will host the next G20).

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