Insurance giant AXA is involved in war crimes through some of its investments.

Our newly launched report reveals the dirty details for journalists and lawmakers to pursue. But you and I can also contact AXA bosses directly TODAY to urge them to stop.



Our new report* should make AXA customers, workers and investors go ballistic: the insurance giant is involved in war crimes.

For months, we have been investigating AXA’s investments in Israeli companies accused of violating international law and human rights.

AXA is a global $100 billion conglomerate -- but AXA's bosses are just people like you and me in the end. I can't believe that they want to fund war crimes. But I also fear that they'll carry on, if we don't raise our voices in protest.

That’s why I’m asking you to reach out to AXA execs, person-to-person, and ask them to end their involvement in weapons manufacturing and the illegal occupation of Palestinian territory.

Tell AXA executives to end all financial ties with Israeli weapons maker Elbit Systems, and the five leading banks financing illegal Israeli settlements!

AXA is already feeling the pressure thanks to the 141,000 of you who signed our petition and to the thousands of you who shared our actions on social networks. Last December, after we campaigned against AXA’s link to the weapons maker Elbit Systems and its illegal cluster bombs, its subsidiary AXA Investment Managers sold all its shares in the arms manufacturer.

But AXA is a megacorporation with branches throughout the world -- and it still remains tied to Elbit Systems through another affiliate, AXA Equitable Holdings. In total they invest more than $91 million in the weapons manufacturer, as well as five Israeli banks complicit in the state’s illegal settlement activities.

With your help, we’ll turn up the heat on AXA by taking this message directly to its bosses’ inboxes:

STOP financing war crimes! AXA must stop investing in weapons manufacturer Elbit Systems and banks financing the illegal occupation of the Palestinian Territories.

A, we already know that pressure from SumOfUs members can prevent the world’s biggest corporations from profiting off human rights violations. Remember Project Dragonfly? Google was about to launch a censored version of its search engine in China that would have threatened the safety of Tibetans, Uyghurs and Chinese dissidents -- but thousands of members just like you helped convince the tech behemoth not to.

Your email could be the deciding factor that makes AXA’s top bosses realise how far their company has strayed from its purpose as an insurer: to protect families, homes and property from life’s risks, not to put them at risk themselves.


Thanks for all that you do,
Leyla and the team at SumOfUs

More information:

* AXA: Financing War Crimes - The Global insurer’s involvement in the illegal Israeli Occupation. SumOfUs. July 2019

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