Cambodia: Solidarity with workers restoring the West Mebun temple


People travel from all over the world to visit the magnificent temples of Angkor in Cambodia.

One of these, known as the West Mebun temple (pictured) was being restored by 126 highly skilled workers who had been employed by the French archaeological agency EFEO.

They are members of the Building and Wood Workers Trade Union Federation of Cambodia.

They had a a collective agreement and good working conditions.

But early last year, they were transferred to the Cambodian Government agency APSARA, which has a history of union-busting.

They were suspended and told that there's no longer money to employ them.

Meanwhile, lower-paid unskilled workers have been brought in to do some of the work.

The unionised workers at West Mebun are proud of the work they were doing.

They want to continue doing it.

They asking to go back to work and to have their collective bargaining agreement restored.

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Eric... Lee

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