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In just a few short weeks, we're heading to the biggest meeting of the year for Canadian dairy giant Saputo to pressure executives to take food waste seriously.

Already over 20,000 members like you have signed our powerful petition. And when we walk in, we want to have 25,000 signatures to hand directly to the CEO in front of the biggest investors in the company in the multi-billion dollar corporation.

And we know pressure like this works. When we sent out the original petition, we also targeted frozen food giant McCains, and within weeks it had publicly published its 50% food waste reduction commitment on its website. With your help, we can force Saputo to lower its food waste too!

Will you help us get to 25,000 signatures to up the pressure on executives to stop food waste at Saputo?

Thanks for all that you do,
Amelia, Angus and the team at SumOfUs

Food processors like Saputo are most responsible food waste in Canada.

It’s time these food giants to clean up... their act and sign the food waste pledge.

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Here's a copy of the original email we sent out:

Canada wastes so much food that you might as well throw a quarter of your groceries away when you leave the supermarket. By far the worst culprits aren’t ordinary shoppers like us, but huge food processors like Saputo, the dairy giant behind Cracker Barrel and Neilson milk.

Their wasteful practices mean that perfectly good fruit, vegetables and dairy products are dumped in to rot in landfill before they even reach grocery shelves.

It’s gotten so bad that other mega-food processors like Kraft Heinz and Unilever have had to sign on to the food waste pledge: an ambitious commitment to cut their food waste in half by 2025. But Saputo is refusing to budge. A huge public outcry now would show Saputo that its customers are angry and we won’t go away until they sign on too.

Tell Saputo to stop tossing millions of tonnes of food. Sign the food waste pledge today!

Food waste isn’t just about tossing perfectly good food. It wastes a huge amount of water and energy which we just can’t afford to waste. It pumps eye-watering levels of greenhouse gases into the atmosphere: the equivalent generated by 41 million cars driven on the road continuously for a year.

So reducing food waste is a no brainer. Saputo is one of the largest food processors in Canada, owning brands like Crack Barrel, Neilsen, Woolwich Dairy and Armstrong, yet it’s been eerily silent on the issue of food waste. And we can change that.

It’s up to SumOfUs members to force them to the table. It’s not like we haven’t done it before: when we found out that Walmart was throwing away tonnes of food that could be eaten, over 58,000 SumOfUs members pressured the food mega-giant to donate this food to charity. And your pressure worked! Walmart now works with food diversion programs to stop food waste and help those in need.

With retailers starting to do their part, now we have to focus behind the scenes and stop food waste in the processing plants. And I’ve seen the amazing strength of what people-power can do so I’m confident that, together, we’ll ensure Saputo clean up its acts.

Call on Saputo to sign the food waste pledge today.

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Thanks for all that you do,
Amelia, Angus and the team at SumOfUs

More information:

Vast majority of Canadian food waste takes place within the food industry - and not at the household level, study finds, The Globe and Mail, 17 January 2019
How bad is Canada's food waste problem? Among the world's worst, report finds, CBC, 08 April 2018

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