Imagine an election where climate matters

Take action on July 17th to help win a leaders’ climate debate r1


Take a minute to close your eyes and imagine this.

It’s three weeks before our federal election and all of the federal party leaders are in a CBC studio lined up behind podiums for Canada’s first leaders’ debate on climate change. Each one of them forced to defend their plan for tackling the climate crisis and their party position on a Green New Deal.

It might feel out of reach but the thing is -- it’s 100% possible. And making it happen will mean getting all hands on deck for a mass moment on July 17th.

We need you on board to help demand that the CBC host a leaders' climate debate. Check out our map and look for an action in your community.

If you decide to take action, we will support you every step of the way to set you up for success.

A leaders’ debate on climate change would mark a historic moment. It would be an indication that Canada is finally taking the climate emergency seriously.

As proven by the hundreds of Green... New Deal town halls that took place just a few weeks ago, people across the country are ready to do what it takes to push our leaders to embrace a bold and visionary plan to tackle climate change and inequality.1 We are done compromising with political leaders who refuse to take the crisis we are in seriously.

In the last federal election, climate change took a backseat to virtually every other issue. Will you help us make sure we don't let that happen again by taking action in your community on July 17th?

If enough of us take action, the CBC as a moral obligation to listen. According to its own standards, it is the CBC’s role as our public broadcaster to make “itself available to get important information to Canadians in a timely fashion” in the event of national emergencies.2 Climate is a federally declared national emergency. And the most important information we all need right now is which one of our federal leaders has a plan to take us through 4 of the 11 years scientists have given us to act.

Right now, the CBC is finalizing its election coverage plans. That means this is our time to speak up. Sign up to join an action on July 17th to demand that the CBC host a leaders’ debate on climate change during October’s election.

Earlier this week, UN officials issued a stark warning that climate-fuelled disasters causing displacement and suffering now occur once a week around the planet.3 Every day this last week has come with its own climate disaster in a different part of the world. We need bold action. And we need it now.

We won’t win this fight without you.



PS - Don't see an action in your community? Consider signing up to host one. We promise to support you every step of the way to make it happen. You can watch a recording of our webinar from this last Monday to learn about what you will need to get an action started in your community.


1 - CBC’s journalistic standards and practicies

2 - The movement behind Canada’s Green New Deal

3 - One Climate Crisis Disaster Occurs Every Week, U.N. Official Warns is building a global climate movement. You can connect with us on Facebook, follow us on Twitter, and r38

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