Which side is CBC on?

Tomorrow, join the day of action to demand a leaders' debate r1


The CBC has to make an important decision. They can choose to listen to tens of thousands of people across the country and commit to hosting a leaders’ debate on climate change in October’s election. Or, they can refuse and ensure another election where climate takes a backseat to every other issue. That’s exactly what Big Oil and its political allies want.

Which is why it’s up to us to make sure the CBC chooses correctly. Tomorrow, take action with communities across Canada to demand that the CBC host a climate debate.

Check out our action map to find an event near you.

Can’t make it or don’t see an event in your community?

Donate to Our Time to help us keep up the pressure after tomorrow’s action.

Things are really coming together for the day of action tomorrow. On Sunday, I had the opportunity to hear from organizers across the country who spent their weekend painting banners, stenciling signs, and finalizing their plans for the action in their community.

We need all hands on deck for this moment. Winning a climate... debate in his fall’s election is the first step to bringing a made-in-Canada Green New Deal to the political fore. The next step after that will be uniting across generations, movements, and communities to push candidates to step up and commit their support for a Green New Deal.

Help us push the CBC to make the right decision.



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