Trump is bullying European leaders

Trump’s bullying European leaders to get more pesticide-soaked US goods onto European supermarket shelves.

And he might just be successful -- unless you and I stop him now.

Can you chip in CA$91 today to keep Trump’s toxic pesticide laced foods out of our supermarkets?

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Trump’s desperate to get toxic, banned pesticides into Europe through the back-door. This means: more food soaked in deadly pesticides in our supermarkets and on our plates.

Trump’s even threatening to make it much harder to import European cars to the US, if the EU doesn’t ditch pesticide bans.

But with your donation we can make sure European politicians stand up to Trump -- and show them that the public will back them when they do.

Can you chip in CA$91 today to pay for ads all over Brussels, to tell Euro politicians “tell Trump to back away from our pesticide ban”?

Donald Trump is meddling with EU environmental safety standards to make... it easier for his friends at Dow Chemical to sell their dangerous pesticides to European countries.

The truth is: nothing stops Trump when he thinks he has a chance to help out his corporate cronies.

Worse, he’s not alone: now he’s managed to get together with 16 other countries at the World Trade Organisation to put even more pressure on the EU to rollback on its commitment to protecting the environment and our health from these risky pesticides.

Buying ads in Brussels newspapers can be pricey -- but worth it. That’s why big corporations buy up the ads to send their messages to European politicians. But if enough SumOfUs members donate, we can send a big, people-powered message that is loud enough to drown out the big corporate ad buys.

A, are you in?

Yes, I'll donate CA$91 today to stand up to Trump.

Trump will keep ramping up the pressure, especially because he knows that the EU is thinking about revising pesticide regulations. So it’s up to you and me to go toe to toe with Trump’s tough-talking.

And I know we can do this: When SumOfUs members get together, we can take on big corporations - and their friends in the White House - and win. Our members helped to get the first total bee-killing pesticide ban in the world, and convinced the EU to be more transparent and stricter when it comes to pesticide regulation.

Now we have to stand firm in the face of an attack from one of the most powerful people in the world: Donald Trump. Can you donate what you can, so Europe can keep its vital pesticide bans?

Yes, I'll donate CA$91 today to stand up to Trump.

Thanks for all that you do,
Hannah, Nabil, Anne and the team at SumOfUs

More information:

Over 100 countries attack EU over stricter pesticide rules, Politico, 09 July 2019
U.S. and 15 others slam EU regulation of farm products at WTO, Reuters, 04 July 2019

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