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By Joe DeManuelle-Hall

Amazon’s biggest shopping days of 2019 so far —”Prime Days,” July 15-16— saw walkouts and protests by workers in the U.S. and Germany. The protests were semi-coordinated, targeting Amazon when its warehouses are running at full clip and the company is in the media spotlight.

In Germany, Amazon workers organizing with the Ver.di union struck over the course of two days in an ongoing struggle over pay. The union claimed that 2,000 workers participated across seven facilities.

Meanwhile in the U.S., a small group of workers walked out at a fulfillment center near Minneapolis. Others in a Chicago warehouse marched on their boss with demands. Workers and community supporters marched and rallied at two warehouses in Portland, Oregon. Read more!


By Emily Leedham

From May 8-11, 2019, Winnipeg unions hosted the 1919 Winnipeg General Strike Centenary Conference: inviting union members, labour activists and leaders from across Canada to reflect on the history for the General Strike, and apply its lessons to the present and future of the labour movement.

This episode will explore the relationship between Indigenous peoples and the labour movement, compiling audio from two separate panels – Building an Inclusive Labour Movement and Colonialism, Race and the Winnipeg General Strike, as well as audio from the Winnipeg Labour Choir recorded by Paul Graham on May 15, 2019. Read more!


By Anthony Morgan

The template letter below is an expression of what its author and human rights lawyer, Anthony N, Morgan, refers to as ‪Black-focused creative writing, art and expression that uses law and legal tools to re-imagine and inspire bold futures of Black freedom and justice — in short: Afrofujurism.

As such, this template letter does not in any way constitute legal advice and is not to be understood by anyone as such. This letter is not a professional or legal letter to be actually relied on by any employee and is not intended to be drafted for completion and submission to any employer in Canada or any other jurisdiction for formal consideration. Read more!


By Ellen David Friedman

Complaining isn’t the first step to organizing—it’s the graveyard of organizing. Just ask any union steward or rep who has listened to a member complain bitterly but refuse to take action.

If you’re a steward, officer, or rank and filer trying to fix problems on the job (or in the union), a good place to start is to rethink the role of complaining in your work culture.

There’s probably no easier way for co-workers to communicate with each other than by complaining. It’s the universal “go-to” for informal work chat: Read more!

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