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The government of China is detaining millions of Uyghur Muslims in mass internment camps and holding thousands of Tibetans as political prisoners. Yet Apple continues to acquiesce to the government of China's censorship requests.

Demand Apple stop indulging China's censorship machine.

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Unlike some other tech companies, Apple has complied with the government’s censorship demands in order to operate in China.

Just last month, the company admitted to removing 517 apps in China at the request of the government. That's in addition to the 600 "virtual private network" apps (VPNs) Apple confessed to blocking in 2017. VPNs are crucial for vulnerable human rights defenders to evade censorship, surveillance, and political backlash.

Are Apple’s profits more important than the lives of the millions of Uyghurs and Tibetans surveilled and detained?

Tell Apple to drop China’s censorship act and commit to upholding human dignity and political freedom.

And while Apple is doing business with government officials, Uyghur Muslims who were detained... in the government’s so-called ‘re-education’ camps report being abused, forced to learn Mandarin and undergo political indoctrination.

Uyghur families are also being forced to welcome government officials to stay in their homes for up to one week per month. These live-in officials require families to provide detailed information on their personal lives and political views, and subject them to "political education".

Of course, the government of China is no stranger to brutal repression. It has committed large scale human rights abuses against the Tibetan people for decades using the same argument -- combating extremism and terrorism -- that it’s using to justify mass detention and surveillance of Uyghur Muslims now.

Without VPNs and with the enormous surveillance machine of the Government of China, it’s almost impossible for activists to report human rights abuses when they are committed, without putting themselves in even greater danger. Apple is complicit in that.

Demand Apple protect its users from the government of China's censorship and surveillance.

The timing is perfect. Amid the trade wars, Apple has already started phasing out some of its production in China--which opens up the opportunity to return to the negotiating table.

We know that you can make a real difference -- just as you have done with Google. Around 86,000 SumOfUs members around the world -- just like you -- demanded that Google drop its controversial Dragonfly Project, a censored search engine tool for China. And Google listened! The CEO Sundar Pichai made a clear public statement that there are “no plans” to relaunch in China and that “we [Google] are not spending time on it.”

This was a huge victory that we can push with Apple also. But you must act now!

Tell Apple to ditch the censorship act and protect free expression, now!

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Thanks for all that you do,
Reem, Sondhya and the team at SumOfUs

More information:

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Apple reveals App Store takedown demands by government, TechCrunch, 2 July 2019.
New site exposes how Apple censors apps in China, The Intercept, 1 February 2019.

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