Dow’s toxic pesticide, chlorpyrifos, seriously affects children’s brain development. Health Canada is currently deciding whether to kick this toxic chemical off the market.

Tell Health Canada to put our children’s health before the pesticide industry’s profits and ban chlorpyrifos for good.

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Agri-giant Dow’s dangerous pesticide, chlorpyrifos, has serious negative effects on our health -- especially for children. And the worst part is -- it’s all over the fruits and veggies our kids are eating.

Even in small doses chlorpyrifos can irreversibly impact children’s brain development and hormonal systems. Scientists have linked it to developmental delays in children and working memory loss.

Now, Health Canada is deciding whether to allow Dow’s dangerous chemical in our farmers’ fields and they need to hear that our children’s health is more important than Dow’s profits.

Tell our Health Agency to ban Dow’s dangerous chemical chlorpyrifos and work towards a toxic-free future for our kids and our environment.

Fresh... fruits and vegetables are supposed to be good for us.

But too much of our food now sold in Canada is laced with chlorpyrifos, which can cause brain damage and developmental delays in children – even in very small amounts.

Scientists say these neurological effects "appear to be permanent, irreversible, and lifelong."

We’re up against some serious lobbying power from the pesticide megacorps. In Europe, Dow, spent over 3 million euros to lobby European politicians on pesticide-related issues in 2017 alone.

That same year, Dow's influence convinced the Trump administration to reverse a ban on agricultural use of chlorpyrifos in the United States, against the warnings of the Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) own scientists. And the chemical will at least be used in the US until next year -- and maybe even longer.

We can't let this happen in Canada.

Tell Canada to listen to science over pesticide lobbyists and ban this toxic chemical now.

Incredible members like you have taken on the pesticide industry before and won. In France, your donations helped our partner Générations Futures win the suspension of Dow’s bee-killing pesticide.

And in Canada, we have made huge strides pushing to save our bees. SumOfUs members like your have been working for years to get these bee-killing pesticides banned and last year we finally got some government action. The Feds announced a ban of the three biggest bee-killing neonics.

We'll never match the industry’s cash, but we can fight back with the overwhelming numbers of parents who want to keep their kids safe and the environment clean -- and the many others who just want our governments to put human well-being over corporate greed. Are you one of them?

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Thanks for all that you do,
Angus, Amelia, Nabil and the team at SumOfUs

More information:

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How Dow Chemical Influenced the EPA to Ignore the Scientific Evidence on Chlorpyrifos, Union of Concerned Scientists, 2017

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