Rally for Life and Peace!!

Rally for Life and Peace!! r1 ... Invitation to CoDevelopment Canada's 2013 Annual General Meeting. Hope to see you there! s16


Colombian human rights organizations are calling for an international action on July 26 to join Colombian society in rejecting the systematic assassination of social leaders. According to Colombian rights organizations, 702 social leaders and human rights defenders were murdered between January 2016 until May 2019, as well as 66 union leaders and 135 former FARC members in process of reincorporation to civil society.

The majority of these crimes take place in territories where indigenous and afro-Colombian communities have resisted extraction projects or the expansion of agro-industries (coca, sugar and African palm). In these cases, the victims played an important role in their communities, promoting respect for social, economic and cultural rights. Many were presidents or members of Community Action Committees, teachers, forest defenders, or representatives of victims and survivors involved in processes for the restitution of lands or water.

We invite you to join communities and social movements in Colombia in demanding justice in each one of these killings, in demanding protection for the life and integrity of social leaders and human rights defenders.

We propose a two-part online action.

Part One:
On or before July 26 - Take and share photos of yourself, your friends and your colleagues holding messages of solidarity with social leaders and human rights defenders in Colombia. If you are part of an organization, please include its name on the sign. If you work with organizations in Colombia, share the photos with them. If you include the hashtags below when posting, they will also reach the groups organizing the July 26 mobilizations in Colombia.

Suggested messages:
"Ser líder social no es delito"
"Apoyo a los líderes y lideresas sociales de Colombia"
”Los líderes y las lideresas sociales de Colombia no son criminales"

Part Two:
CoDev plans to compile photos of Canadians showing solidarity with the July 26 actions into a short video, where information on the violence against Colombian social leaders, and how to support them are transposed over the photos. If you are willing to have your group’s solidarity photo included in the video, please also send us a copy when you post it to your social media. Please send to Alexandra Henao at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Part Three
Participate in the rally downtown on July 26 in front of CBC Vancouver at 700 Hamilton Street.

In defense of life and peace, break down indifference with a cry of solidarity!!

Thank you,
CoDev Team

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