They're playing ping pong with our futures

Sign the petition to push the CBC to host a climate debate during the fall election r1


I am still full of excitement from last week’s day of action. In case you missed it, on July 17th, thousands of people in dozens of communities, from Atlantic Canada to the Yukon, turned out push the CBC to organize a federal leaders’ climate debate during the October election.

We turned out in such numbers that the CBC made a statement, but they still haven’t committed to hosting a climate debate. Sign the petition to let the CBC know we need a leaders’ climate debate during the fall election.

They told us it’s up to the Leaders’ Debates Commission to make a climate debate happen. Funnily enough, the Leaders’ Debates Commission told us it would be up to the broadcasters to host one.

The CBC and the Debates Commission can make this debate happen. They need to stop playing ping pong with our futures and come together to do it.

Scientists have made it clear we are in the midst of a climate emergency and ecosystem collapse of an unprecedented scale. We must act now to avoid the worst of the crisis we are in. The CBC's... journalistic standards and practices state that it’s their responsibility, in the event of a national emergency, to provide important and timely information to the people. And the best way they can do that is to host a debate on climate and Canada’s Green New Deal.

Over 10,000 people signed a petition to the Debates Commission, and last week’s day of action was a stark demonstration that people are hungry for a climate debate. We are ready to continue to pressure the CBC with hard hitting and creative actions to hold their feet to the fire. Sign the petition now and in the coming weeks, we will deliver your signature along with thousands of others to CBC’s national headquarters in Toronto.



PS – Right now, the Arctic is on fire. And while my home province of BC has experienced cooler weather lately, with the recent lightning storms sparking fires and hotter summer temperatures on the horizon, I am reminded that the impacts of the fifth season – wildfire season – won’t ever be behind us in the midst of a climate crisis. Read the stories of communities impacted by the fifth season here. is building a global climate movement. You can connect with us on Facebook, follow us on Twitter, and r38

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