An invitation from me and my friends

Naomi Klein, Murray Sinclair, Yann Martel, & others invite you to stand with us r1

Dear friends,

Today, I co-signed an open letter to the CBC with some of the most renowned artists, Indigenous leaders, authors, and public figures in the country. Together, we called on the CBC’s Editor-in-Chief, Jennifer McGuire, to commit to hosting a federal leaders’ debate on climate change and a Green New Deal.

Today’s letter was signed by Grand Chief Stewart Phillip and the entire Executive Committee of the Union of BC Indian Chiefs; Chair of Truth and Reconciliation Commission, Senator Murray Sinclair; author of acclaimed novel Life of Pi, Yann Martel; my personal friend and respected author Naomi Klein; Hayden King of the Yellowhead Institute; award-winning actor, Tantoo Cardinal; Executive Director of Indigenous Climate Action, Eriel Deranger; and many more.

Read our letter, see the full list of endorsers, and send your own message to Jennifer McGuire and the CBC here.

As our public broadcaster, the CBC has a responsibility to the Canadian public to provide accurate fact based reporting in response to the climate emergency. Part of this means hosting a national federal leaders’ debate on climate,... so that every single person in the country knows which one of our major parties is championing true climate leadership.

Just 2 weeks ago, people all across Canada took action outside CBC headquarters from Yellowknife to Halifax to demand a climate debate. On Sunday, hundreds targeted the CBC’s flagship call-in show Cross Country Checkup. A few of these folks made it on air and their pressure was enough to get Cross Country Checkup to commit to hosting a climate-focused episode during the election.

Our organizing is already making a difference but we’re going to need all hands on deck to win this one. In addition to the high profile endorsers named above, 12,000+ people across the country have signed the petition calling for a leaders’ debate on climate change. Add your voice too.

In the upcoming federal election, we need a plan like a Green New Deal to be front and center as the bar for responding to the climate emergency. That’s why people across the country have risen up these last few weeks to demand a federal leaders’ debate on climate change.

We all deserve a world that leaves no worker behind, that does not create national sacrifice zones in Indigenous territories, and most of all that recognizes that no one is illegal and that migration is a right. A Green New Deal can give us all of that and so much more. But the most important step in winning a Green New Deal is to make sure it is front and center in October’s election. Winning a leaders’ debate will help ensure that happens.

I signed a letter today with some of my dearest friends and closest allies in the movement for climate justice. Stand with us by calling on the CBC to host a leaders’ debate this fall.

In respect and peace,

Clayton Thomas-Muller is building a global climate movement. You can connect with us on Facebook, follow us on Twitter, and r38

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