Stop insurance companies from insuring glyphosate today!

Monsanto is finally paying the price for selling cancerous Roundup -- the pesticide giant has had to pay out billions in lawsuits.

We can get closer to eliminating Roundup if insurance companies stop insuring glyphosate sellers. against these expensive lawsuits. Tell major insurers to stop the 'new asbestos' by not insuring Bayer-Monsanto's toxic glyphosate.

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Monsanto is on the line for several billion dollars in lawsuits this year for selling cancerous Roundup. Judges have seen the evidence that glyphosate, a key ingredient in Monsanto's Roundup, causes cancer, and are forcing Monsanto to pay users of Roundup that now have cancer because of their close exposure to the toxic pesticide.

Insurance companies are getting scared of these lawsuits and see this as the 'new asbestos' crisis -- already one glyphosate seller has been turned down insurance against lawsuits related to... Monsanto’s toxic pesticide.

With more and more studies showing connections to cancer, and lawsuits piling up in the courts, now is the perfect time to pressure insurance companies to deny glyphosate sellers insurance. If no one can get insurance to sell the carcinogenic pesticide, no one will sell it.

Tell major insurers like Manulife, State Farms, Allianz and Prudential to help get glyphosate off our shelves and out of our fields for good!

Insurance companies hold huge power. They are multi-billion dollar companies that hold sway over major decisions like who and what can get insurance. And you better believe that corporations won’t sell something they can’t get insurance for.

That’s why we’re going after the biggest insurers in the world. If we can get these four major insurers onboard, the rest of the insurance world will surely follow.

SumOfUs is no stranger to putting a stick in the wheels of Bayer-Monsanto’s toxic glyphosate. When you found out that Health Canada was using papers written by Monsanto to approve glyphosate, over 34,000 members like you signed a petition and forced a review of the toxic pesticide.

Tell major insurers to stop insuring the sale of glyphosate!

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Thanks for all that you do,
Amelia, Angus and the team at SumOfUs

More information:

Glyphosate may become the next asbestos, Intelligent Insurer, 29 November 2018
Weed-killing chemical found in pasta, cereal and cookies sold in Canada: study, CTV, 09 September 2018

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