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Paov, a brand new threat to encryption in Canada has just emerged: top ministers at a meeting of the ‘Five Eyes’ intelligence alliance are demanding access to popular encrypted messaging apps like WhatsApp.1

End-to-end encryption is what keeps our information online safe and private.

Tech and security experts agree banning encryption, or creating ‘back doors’ that the government can use to access privacy messages is a serious threat to cyber-security. Where there’s a ‘back door’, there’s a key.... And keys can be found by all sorts of malicious people. That’s why we need to send ministers our message now.


We have the right to keep our photos, messages, banking transactions and all manner of other personal information private. But if the Five Eyes ministers get their way, we may no longer even have the ability to speak privately to one another.

We need to build a huge movement of people ready to defend encryption and keep the Internet and our most personal information safe. Will you join me and sign on to the message to government officials?


The threat to encryption is a very real and urgent one.

Canada is part of the Five Eyes intelligence alliance, which is led by the U.S. and also includes Australia, New Zealand, and the U.K. Together, these countries have been making consistent attacks on encryption.

Australia has already passed controversial laws forcing companies to weaken encryption. And over in the U.K., tech giants like Apple and Whatsapp have slammed the U.K.’s proposal for a ‘ghost protocol’ – a backdoor that would allow the government to secretly insert law enforcement agents as silent listeners in conversations.2,3

If we don’t act now, these laws could happen in Canada – or we could even join the ranks of China, Russia and Turkey, where end-to-end encryption is completely banned.


Any concrete proposal that gets put forward in Canada is sure to be incredibly controversial. So we’ll have a big chance of shutting it down – but only if we can show broad opposition. Add your name to the message to ministers, and get all the latest updates about our plans to fight back!

Thanks for everything you do,

Victoria with OpenMedia

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