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Ever gotten a broadband bill only to realize that you owe double or even triple what was advertised?

It's called bill shock, and nearly everyone who has Internet in Canada has experienced it.

Unfortunately, the Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission (CRTC) just announced its plan to end bill shock, and it's a major disappointment.


We need the CRTC to do much more to end Big Telecom's rip-offs. And if we make this a big enough issue in the upcoming election, we can get the next government to really stand up for the people instead of corporations.

Will you donate to help demand that the CRTC do more to stop Big Telecom from ripping off people in Canada?


People in Canada pay some of the highest Internet prices in the world, and it's increased the digital divide between those who can afford Internet access and those who can't.1

The CRTC was tasked with addressing this problem. And as of January 31, 2020, big ISPs such as Bell, Rogers, and Telus will be subject to the new Internet Code, which the CRTC claims was written to stop deceptive and confusing billing practices and allow people to change companies easily.2

The CRTC's plan, called the Internet Code of Conduct, does nothing about misleading and aggressive sales tactics, has no meaningful penalties for Big Telecom, and places the burden on individual customers to fight back after they've been ripped off.3

It's no wonder why the CRTC fails to fully protect customers like you—the consultation for the Internet Code was rushed without any significant input from the public or public interest groups like OpenMedia.

The result is an Internet Code that does nothing to stop Big Telecom from tricking us into outrageously priced contracts in the first place by using deceptive sales practices. And we're not letting it stand without a fight.

OpenMedia is ramping up its campaign to make Internet access and fair pricing an election issue. We need your support to let the government know this is an issue we all care deeply about. Will you donate today?


For our Internet,
Marie, and the whole team at OpenMedia

[1] Price Comparisons of Wireline, Wireless and Internet Services in Canada and with Foreign Jurisdictions - 2018 Edition: Government of Canada
[2] CRTC publishes internet code of conduct aimed at ISPs: CBC
[3] CRTC’s new Internet Code of Conduct falls short of expectations: OpenMedia


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