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On Friday I will deliver thousands of signatures to the CBC. Add your name. r1


This Friday, my friends and I at Our Time Toronto will visit the CBC head office to hand-deliver over 40,000 signatures from people demanding a leaders’ climate debate.

Before I do, will you add your name to the petition?

It’s the CBC’s responsibility to ensure that Canadians have access to the best possible information during a national emergency. We’re in the middle of a federally declared climate emergency. And, it’s an election year. As our public broadcaster, the CBC and its leadership team have a moral obligation to inform the public on where our federal leaders stand on climate action.

What we need to know right before in election is which one of our major parties has a plan to tackle the climate crisis with the urgency required. We need to know if any one of our potential Prime Ministers actually has the ambition to deliver a Green New Deal.

Over 11 million people tune in to watch the federal leaders’ debates ahead of an election. Sign our petition if you think... every one of them deserves to know which leader has a plan to tackle the crisis of our time.

Sign today to make sure your signature is hand-delivered to the CBC HQ on Friday.

I will make sure the CBC hears the voices of people like you who are fighting for our future from coast-to-coast-to-coast.



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