Mass shootings

Visa could help put a stop to mass shootings. All it has to do is report excessive purchases of guns and ammunition -- like it does already when it suspects fraud or money laundering.

Let’s make Visa add excessive firearm purchases to the list of suspicious account activity.

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Two men used guns to take 31 lives this weekend -- and injured over 50 more.

The mass shootings in El Paso, Texas and in Dayton, Ohio took the number of mass shootings in the U.S. this year to 255. That’s more than one a day.

It’s heartbreaking to watch, and bewildering that U.S. legislators won’t enact common-sense gun laws. But we’ve found another way to take action -- one that doesn’t rely on politicians to break ranks with the powerful U.S. gun lobby.

In the past decade, more than half of the deadliest shootings were financed with credit cards. So we need to make credit card companies treat big firearms sales... as suspicious activity -- as they already do for fraud and money laundering -- and flag the transaction.

Communities affected by gun violence in the U.S. are crying out for change. Will you join with them to make Visa act while politicians continue to stall?

Tell Visa to help stop the bloodshed. Treat excessive, erratic gun and ammunition purchases as suspicious activity and report them.

If you’ve ever got a fraud alert from your bank or credit card then you already know how easy it is for those companies to spot and investigate suspicious activity.

Shooters often spend tens, even hundreds of thousands of dollars on guns and ammo in the lead-up to their crimes. Nobody needs that much weaponry, so this wildly unusual behavior should be easy for Visa’s sophisticated software to spot.

Visa already reports high-value transactions that trigger suspicions of fraud, money laundering, other forms of terrorism, and other crimes. It would be simple to add mass shootings to that list. With just one change Visa has the power to stop mass shootings before they start.

Visa: take action to save lives when politicians won’t. Report big firearms sales.

In countries like Australia, the UK and New Zealand we’ve seen laws passed to restrict gun access and save lives. Often it’s taken only one major attack like Dunblane or Christchurch to jolt politicians into action.

But in the U.S., the survivors of Sandy Hook, Parkland, Pulse Nightclub and other mass shootings have been unable to convince successive administrations to listen to them, instead of the National Rifle Association’s dollars. That’s why we’re demanding action from the corporations that we are customers of, work for or have shares in.

SumOfUs members like you have already shown that we have the power to make companies cut ties with the gun industry. PayPal and Apple Pay block gun sales on their platforms, and United Airlines, Hertz, and countless others have ended their NRA discounts. Now you can push Visa to save lives too.

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More information:

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