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RED ALERT: U.S. President Donald Trump is preparing to sign an executive order creating an Internet speech police with sweeping powers to censor the Internet.

Because the Internet has no borders, Trump’s executive order would allow the voices of Canadians to be censored as well as people in the U.S. And if Trump gets away with it, you can bet that... politicians here will want to copy the idea.

A draft of the executive order was leaked to the media, giving us a chance to alert the public and generate the grassroots backlash needed to kill Trump’s “Internet speech police” executive order.1

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The leaked executive order would put the FCC and the FTC in charge of deciding what political speech is—and isn’t—permissible on the Internet.

The order comes in response to a myth pushed by far-right activists that Internet platforms like Facebook and Google are biased against conservatives.2 But instead of protecting free speech, Trump’s executive order would put political appointees in charge of deciding what speech is allowed and what speech isn’t.

No government official should have the power to control speech on the Internet, and especially not the Trump appointees in charge of these agencies today: FTC Chairman Joe Simons, a former Rupert Murdoch lawyer, and FCC Chairman Ajit Pai, the number one enemy of Net Neutrality and the free and open Internet.

Free speech experts from the left and right are opposing the rule, because they know that if this stands, the next president will be able to silence them.3,4

However, we know that if we act fast to mobilize a grassroots backlash, we can get the government to shelve this idea. In fact, just last year, Trump floated a plan to search the cell phones and social media accounts of travelers. OpenMedia members spoke out against the “social media strip search” proposal, and soon Trump backed off.

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