Palm oil: Confiscated!

Oppose Procter & Gamble's sinister trade in conflict palm oil.

Protect workers being trafficked, beaten, and forced to work for free on palm oil plantations linked to Procter & Gamble — maker of Pantene, Olay, and Gillette.

Tell US Customs to block conflict palm oil shipments before they reach US ports!

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BREAKING: We’ve just launched an urgent campaign to block shipments of conflict palm oil -- harvested by workers under forced labor conditions -- from entering US ports.

These ships effortlessly enter US ports on the regular, destined for companies including Procter & Gamble -- the maker of Head & Shoulders, Oral-B, Olay and Gillette.

You can help us stop the shipments! US Customs has a legal obligation to block imports linked to forced labor. So today, alongside our partners International Labor Rights Forum and Rainforest Action Network, we've launched a demand that US Customs seize... conflict palm oil from Procter & Gamble’s business partner, ‘FGV’, at US ports!

We urgently need a huge public petition to support our appeal and to push officials into action.

Sign the petition: US Customs, oppose forced labor and seize the conflict palm oil!

Procter & Gamble rakes in billions off products made with palm oil. Much of which comes from its conflict palm oil business partner, Malaysian supplier FGV, despite promising it would only use ethical palm oil.

Content warning: descriptions of violence that some may find upsetting

Workers on FGV’s plantations have been illegally trafficked on filthy, overcrowded ships, exposed to toxic pesticides, and held without wages on remote plantations.

Here’s how one worker described his experience of being trafficked by boat to an FGV palm oil plantation:

“The heat and stench were overpowering, he said, and he saw dozens die. At one point, he watched as the traffickers threw migrants’ bodies into the sea, after slitting open their abdomens so they would sink…”

Once they arrived in Malaysia, workers were forced to harvest palm oil for free to pay off their “debt” to the smugglers. Passports were withheld so they’d comply.

If US Customs seizes palm oil shipments from this villain, it’ll be a devastating blow to Procter & Gamble which has been complicit in FGV’s forced labor practices for years.

Sign the petition now: Stop the trade of conflict palm oil shipments!

Without an avalanche of public pressure, our complaint could languish in bureaucratic limbo forever.

SumOfUs members like you have already made amazing progress in cleaning up the palm oil industry. Together, you’ve gotten corporations from McDonald’s to Starbucks to commit to deforestation-free palm oil. And your signatures helped convince the RSPO to kick out Indofood -- an Indonesian palm oil villain also guilty of worker abuses.

We know that public pressure can persuade US Customs officials to speed up requests like ours. Your signature, alongside thousands of SumOfUs members around the world, can finally holding FGV and its business partner Procter & Gamble to account.

The time has come for drastic measures. Together, we can put enough public pressure on US Customs to disrupt FGV’s palm oil shipments -- but we need you to act now!

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Thanks for all that you do,
Rebecca and the team at SumOfUs

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