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r1 Dear friends,

Last week
, we delivered close to 50,000 signatures from people across Canada who are demanding a leaders’ debate on the climate crisis. This number included signatures collected by our friends in Our Time hubs across the country, Leadnow, and North 99.

There is a tremendous amount of power on our side but the CBC is still dodging their responsibility to deliver on a leaders’ climate debate. That’s why we have a plan to make sure that no matter what, we get the answers we need.
On October 7th, the day of the official English language debate, we’re taking action. Will you join in?

We are in a climate emergency. And there is an urgent need to ensure that climate is front and center during the federal election.

It's up to us to ensure that every political hopeful in this country knows that we are expecting bold and ambitious climate leadership. That's why we also have a plan to support a massive youth-led mobilization on September 27th. It's expected to be the largest global mobilization on climate to ever take place. We will... have more details for you next week.

We also want to take a moment to celebrate all that we’ve accomplished together. Three months ago, a leaders’ climate debate was merely an idea. Now, thanks to organizing by people like you, it’s something that tens of thousands of people are rallying behind. Read the story of what we’ve accomplished so far and find out about the next step for taking action.

Over the last few months, thousands of us visited the CBC’s doorstep, wrote letters in our local papers, and organized radio takeovers. Thanks to the work we've done together, media outlets, politicians, and millions of people across the country have heard our message. And the best part is that we’re just getting started. Onwards, Atiya

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