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My apologies for the inaccurate title in the email this morning. This email is about the recently released budget consultation not the Red Women Rising report, which we helped promote in March. -Omar Chu, Communications and Outreach Assistant

Every year, the Select Standing Committee on Finance and Government Services receives input from British Columbians on issues affecting them and what the priorities should be for the next budget. The BC Poverty Reduction Coalition wrote a submission to the all-party committee pushing for the substantial investment needed for an effective poverty reduction plan. The Committee's final report includes 106 recommendations for the next provincial budget and provides a summary of the concerns and priorities put forward by British Columbians.

We are shocked and disappointed that for the first time in many years, these recommendations do not include a call to increase welfare and disability rates. The absence of a recommendation to increase welfare and disability rates is despite the report's recognition that "several organizations acknowledged recent increases to income and disability assistance rates, but explained that they still remain well below the poverty line. They stressed that further increases are required and should be tied to the Market Basket Measure and indexed to the cost of living."

Send an email to the Committee responding to their report.

On a positive side, the report did include over 25 recommendations that fit within the seven pillars of an accountable, bold and comprehensive poverty reduction plan. This includes a recommendation to "work with local governments and transit authorities to explore new pricing mechanisms to help make public transit more accessible for youth and low-income families." We hope that we can build on this recommendation towards funding the #AllOnBoard campaign's vision: free transit for all children and youth 0-18 and a sliding scale monthly pass system based on income.

Use our email tool to encourage the Committee to call for an increase to welfare and disability rates as well as to advocate for their existing recommendations, so that they can actually be implemented.

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