Electric Vehicle Production is Possible in Oshawa

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A Socialist Project e-bulletin ... No. 1882 ... August 25, 2019

Electric Vehicle Production is Possible in Oshawa

Green Jobs Oshawa

Green Jobs Oshawa distributed this leaflet at the Unifor Constitutional Convention on Wednesday, August 21. It calls for government action to establish electric vehicle production in Oshawa, under public ownership.

Oshawa could be the manufacturing centre for battery electric vans and other vehicles, anchored by production for Canada Post and other federal, provincial, and municipal government bodies. This can happen, it needs to happen -- and with enough political pressure from workers, the community, and environmental activists, we can make it happen. Maintaining vehicle manufacturing in Oshawa will meet three critically important goals.

1. Jobs

GM’s decision to end vehicle production in Oshawa means the loss of over 5,000 direct jobs of GM and supplier company workers. The loss to the community is far worse -- over 20,000 jobs.

Even with a massive campaign, Unifor was only able to secure a promise from GM to use part of the Oshawa plant to produce after-market parts. If GM delivers on this latest promise it... will provide 300 jobs by the end of 2020. That is not enough for the thousands of displaced workers who will be looking for jobs, and it is not enough for the future of Durham region.

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