Amazon fires

It’s not too late to prevent the Amazon rainforest from being burnt down for cheap beef, soy and timber.

Europe is about to sign a deal with Brazilian president Jair Bolsonaro that will add fuel to the blaze. Together, we can block it and save what's left of our largest forest.

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The fires in the Amazon rainforest are raging out of control.

The cause: farmers and loggers illegally slashing and burning trees for cattle and crops. With the blessing of Brazil’s president Jair Bolsonaro, they're mounting an all-out assault on our planet’s “green lung”, its vital carbon stores and the three million species of plants and animals who call it home.

And now, Europe is about to add fuel to the blaze by signing a deal to import more cheap beef, soy, and other products grown from the Amazon’s ashes. We have to stop this now!

So far, over... 50,000 SumOfUs members like you have told the EU there can be no deal as long as the Amazon is burning. At this weekend’s G7 summit, Ireland and France agreed -- but other countries won’t back down.

Only with a huge, worldwide swell of opposition can we stop the so-called Mercosur agreement in its tracks and protect what’s left of our largest forest. A, will you add your name now to block this disastrous deal and stop the devastation of the Amazon?

Yes -- I’ll tell Europe to stop the Mercosur deal and protect the Amazon.

The trade deal between the EU and Mercosur -- Brazil, Argentina, Uruguay and Paraguay -- would allow beef, soy and other commodities from those countries to be fast-tracked into Europe, fattening corporate pockets on both sides.

The politicians behind the deal claim it includes a “commitment to tackle deforestation” -- but over 600 scientists, two Brazilian indigenous organisations and 340 civil society groups like SumOfUs are calling foul.

Bolsonaro can’t be counted on to keep any promises he makes. He’s proved that since he took office in January and launched a brutal attack on Amazon rainforest protections. By opening the floodgates for free trade, Europe would be giving Bolsonaro and his corporate cronies the go-ahead for more deforestation -- and more raging wildfires.

Stop Mercosur and save the Amazon!

Can ordinary people like you and me really make a difference in stopping a years-in-the-making treaty between world superpowers? Of course we can! Remember TTIP? When the EU and US were on the verge of signing an agreement that would’ve flooded Europe with hormone-treated meat and GMO produce, SumOfUs members like you joined a three-million-strong citizens’ movement to stop it -- and your pressure got the deal called off.

Now, we’ve got to push back against Mercosur and convince the EU that there can be no deal as long as the Amazon is burning. Ireland and France have already voiced doubts -- an avalanche of public opposition could tip the scales and break up this dangerous new partnership. Will you add your name and help stop the fires from getting worse?

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David and the team at SumOfUs

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