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The next federal election is just weeks away, and this is our best chance to shape the next government’s vision for pro-Internet policies.

From updating the laws that shape our Internet, to facing global threats to encryption, the next government is going to shape policies that will affect the Internet and our digital rights for years to come.


The candidates in this election need to hear what issues matter most to you. Whether it’s the cost of your cell phone bills, concerns about facial recognition, or dangerous website blocking, your voice matters at this crucial moment.

If enough of us message our local candidates right now, we can get them talking about the issues, learn about their positions, and together, provide people the information they need when deciding who to vote for.

Click here to send a message to the candidates in your riding to let them know what issues matter most to you, and ask them where they stand.

Message Your Local Candidates

To help, we’ve put together OpenMedia’s pro-Internet platform for the 2019 election using crowd-sourced priorities from our community and in consultation with experts. It’s a collection of policies we believe will defend our digital rights, and keep the Internet open, affordable, and surveillance-free.

But you’re the experts, and know the issues that matter most to you. So please, take 2 minutes to send an email to the candidates in your riding, and let them know what you want to see out of Canada’s next government, and your elected representative.

This is our best chance to get their attention – when they need our votes. So speak up and make your voice heard!

Click here to send your message now. Our handy tools will connect you directly with all the major candidates in your riding.

Message Your Local Candidates

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