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By Kevin Taghabon

Prime Minister Trudeau was met with protests and chants against his government at the beginning of the Labour Day parade in Hamilton. Trudeau was invited by LiUNA, and was not given microphones and a stage to speak. Trudeau’s SUVs, police and security detail arrived before the march began as he took selfies among the crowd.

Unwelcoming party

Shortly after the parade began a large group of people led by the Canadian Union of Postal Workers (CUPW) marched downhill to meet Trudeau’s crowd. “Hey Justin, we know you, your daddy hated workers too!” some chanted. Many were carrying water protector signs demanding “justice for Grassy Narrows!” Police set up a yellow rope several meters in front of Trudeau as he continued to take selfies with the large orange-clad crowd at the bottom of the hill. Read more!


Karen Cocq from the Migrant Rights Networks discusses the #UniteAgainstRacism campaign, why it matters and how you can get involved.

From MigrantRights.ca

“We are struggling to make ends meet, while the rich keep getting richer. Instead of fixing this, politicians are using anti-immigrant racism to distract us. Sign this pledge to tell politicians that you will not tolerate racism.

By signing this pledge, you commit to talking to your friends and co-workers, and to contact politicians or media if they use anti-immigrant messages during the federal election. We will send you tools to help you have these conversations. Read more!


By David Bush

It was a positive sign that on Labour Day the NDP came out in support of an immediate $15 minimum wage for federally-regulated workers. However, this one step forward was followed by another step backwards. The NDP’s Labour Day statement also tied further increases to the minimum wage to the concept of a “living wage”, saying they will raise the federal minimum wage to a living wage by the end of their first mandate. This only sows confusion in the fight to raising wages and workplace standards.

Most workers use the rhetoric of a living wage as a way of describing a “fair” wage compensation in relation to their living standards. Read more!


By Simran Dhunna

“We’ve heard that people like to make memes about Doug Ford. Could you describe one of them?” asks a journalist from a mainstream media outlet.

“I’m sorry, I can’t,” replies Amina Vance, an 18-year-old organizer of the Students Say No (SSN) group fighting Ford’s cuts to public education. “Let me tell you another story.”

Memes are low-hanging fruit for reporters hoping to play up the youth and social-media savvy of high-school organizers – but a bustling social movement they do not make. Amina is right: there is a better story here. Read more!

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