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In less than two months, Canada will go to the polls.

I'm not exaggerating when I say that the future of our Internet hangs in the balance.

In October, we'll decide whether Parliament will continue to allow the Big Three to monopolize the Internet. If law enforcement will be... allowed to use unbridled facial-recognition surveillance. If corporations will be allowed to keep misusing our most personal data.

Please click here to donate to OpenMedia's election campaign and help fight for Canada's digital future!

OpenMedia is launching our 2019 campaign to put our digital life front and center in the upcoming election.

Over the past two years, we've made huge strides in getting broadband access for all, and we've stopped the Big Three from establishing web filters and censoring the Internet.

But Canada still pays some of the highest prices in the world for Internet and cell service. The CRTC continues to keep MVNOs out of Canada, barring us from better prices and better service. We don't have the right to repair our own devices. And border patrol is searching our devices without a warrant, with facial-recognition surveillance close behind.

So now we're going to ramp up a grassroots campaign to make defending our digital rights and keeping the Internet free major election issues.

OpenMedia is going to connect you directly with the candidates in your riding to make your voices heard. We've put together a pro-Internet platform, we're writing op-eds, and we're tracking where parties stand on our issues.

We have an ambitious program planned, and we need your support to make the free and open Internet an election issue candidates can't ignore.


For the Internet,
Laura, and the rest of the team at OpenMedia

P.S. You can check out OpenMedia's pro-Internet platform for the 2019 election and message your candidates about the issues that matter most to you here.


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