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Things are heating up! Over 110,000 SumOfUs members like you just exposed Procter & Gamble’s partnership with abusive palm oil producer FGV -- and now even U.S. Customs is investigating.

Now’s our moment to force Procter & Gamble to permanently cut ties with the palm oil villain, for trafficking and exploiting palm oil workers for the sake of cheap Pantene shampoo and Gillette shaving cream.

Join thousands of people demanding that Procter & Gamble stops buying forced-labor palm oil!

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Thanks for all that you do,

Rebecca and the team at SumOfUs

Here's our original email:

This just in: U.S. Customs is investigating our complaint against Procter & Gamble’s palm oil business partner.

Now’s our chance to finally push Procter & Gamble to sever ties with the forced labor plantations.

Demand... that Procter & Gamble swears off conflict palm oil!

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I’ve got some great news to share with you. As a result of your pressure, U.S. Customs is investigating our complaint against Procter & Gamble’s palm oil business partner, FGV!

Workers on FGV’s plantations have been illegally trafficked on filthy, overcrowded ships and held without wages on remote plantations -- all to make palm oil that goes into Procter & Gamble’s brands like Pantene and Olay.

Now Procter & Gamble’s bosses are up against the wall -- everyone from the Washington Post to Reuters has called them for a comment. Will you join over 160,000 fellow SumOfUs members and tell Procter & Gamble to finally cut forced labor out of its supply chain?

Yes -- I’ll sign the petition telling Procter & Gamble to cut ties with conflict palm oil

Alongside Rainforest Action Network and International Labor Rights Forum, we’re demanding that US Customs seizes the dirty palm oil shipments -- and we want Procter & Gamble to end its close business partnership with this palm oil villain.

Once they arrived in Malaysia, FGV’s workers were forced to harvest palm oil for free to pay off their “debt” to the smugglers. Passports were withheld so they’d comply.

But so far, the maker of Pantene, Olay and Gillette has chosen to stay mum. Procter & Gamble is hoarding its profits rather than protecting the people who harvest its palm oil.

That might be about to change. Our campaign to get U.S. Customs to block FGV’s palm oil shipments has made headlines in the Washington Post, and news of Procter & Gamble’s dirty partnership has been blasted all over the international media. If enough members like you pile on now, you could finally get Procter & Gamble to break its silence and say no to conflict palm oil.

Tell Procter & Gamble to cut ties with conflict palm oil!

SumOfUs members like you have already gotten corporate giants from McDonald’s to Starbucks to step up their palm oil policies. You made massive progress in improving conditions for Indonesian palm oil workers when you pushed the RSPO, the world’s largest palm oil sustainability authority, to kick out megaproducer Indofood over its own human rights abuses.

Together, you and I can staunch the flow of conflict palm oil and force P&G to reckon with its destructive partnership -- but only if you act now.

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Thanks for all that you do,
Rebecca and the team at SumOfUs

More information:

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