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Hi Paov,

I have exciting news for you! OpenMedia has just launched a brand new tool to collect people’s horror stories with their cell phone and home Internet providers. Then we’ll plaster the most powerful stories on ads the next government will see the minute it lands in Ottawa.

I probably don’t need to tell you that Canada’s Internet services are too damn expensive and subpar. But if we go public with... our lived experiences, the next government will have no choice but to tighten the reins on Big Telecom, and tackle affordability and competition for good.

So I want to hear your story, Paov. I want you to tell me things like — How do high cell phone bills impact you? Are you getting the service you need? Do you have enough choice of providers? If you could change one thing about your Internet service, what would it be?


From rural areas stuck with dial up or expensive satellite connections, to our wireless data pricing ranking dead last report after report,1 to people being swamped with debt due to Big Telecom’s outrageous overage fees — enough is enough!

People in Canada need affordable, quality connectivity services now. And the next government represents a golden opportunity to do just that — especially considering that three out of Canada’s four major national parties are now pledging to lower telecom pricing.2 But whoever forms the next government won’t take action unless we hold them to it, and that means getting started right now.

This will take less than five minutes. We’re looking for short, earnest and punchy personal stories that send a strong message to the next government: we deserve better Internet services in Canada for all. Will you share your story today?


Together we can fix Canada’s broken telecom market and quit being at the mercy of Big Telecom’s price gouging schemes.

Marie, on behalf of OpenMedia

P.S.: We’re pushing a major ad campaign to amplify the stories of everyday people in Canada facing outrageous Internet connectivity costs and barriers. Please chip in today — we can’t run these ads without your help!


[1] Canada’s Wireless Data Pricing Again Ranks the Worst in Developed World: Study: iPhone in Canada
[2] Canada’s Major Parties Rallying Around Telecom Pricing Issue as Election Nears: The Epoch Times


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