Supreme Court, here they come!

Supreme Court, here they come! r1 ...


You did it!

Because of a generous anonymous donor, we have quickly raised necessary funds to support First Nations applying to the Supreme Court of Canada to intervene in the bitumen reference case!

In an inspiring show of solidarity, the lawyers are working entirely pro bono on this case. This means that we only needed to raise $8k for the filing fee. Thanks to this incredible community of folks putting reconciliation into action, we surpassed our fundraising goal and Nations are now able to file!

To put it plainly: the bitumen reference is an inexpensive way for Nations to get their message in to the highest court in the land. Now, with our successful Intervention Fund, we are able to help get Indigenous voices to the Supreme Court.

Who gets to regulate the flow of bitumen through boundary-traversing pipelines: the province or the federal government? That’s been the question at the heart of the prosaically-named “Bitumen Reference” case that, after being dismissed by the Federal Court of Appeals, is now set to be heard before the Supreme Court of Canada.

In this era of reconciliation and ‘nation-to-nation’ relations, why shouldn’t First Nations have a say in how risky oil transits through their unceded territories?

This is why the Haida, Heiltsuk, and Little Shuswap Nations filed for intervenor status with the Supreme Court of Canada this week. The bitumen case is the latest legal hurdle in the path of the Trans Mountain pipeline. A bitumen case win for the province of B.C. would potentially allow limits to be placed on what kind of oil, and what quantity, could pass from Alberta to BC tidewater.

We know many of you donate monthly, and are so grateful to the flood of people who have given recently to support our
Pull Together, Tsilhqot'in and Heiltsuk campaigns. If you have given recently: thank you.

Thank you for your ongoing support!

The RAVEN Team

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