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Amazon's Ring, the video doorbell company, just admitted that it is partnering with 400 U.S. police departments, which can then use facial recognition technology on the footage they get.1

It's not just the United States. The wall-to-wall facial recognition surveillance state could engulf Canada as well and sooner than you might think.

Facial recognition is invasive, biased, and unreliable, but it's already creeping into... every facet of Canadian life.

We have precious little time before facial recognition becomes a central part of surveillance in Canada. Will you chip in to ban this technology before it's too late?


The number of Amazon Ring's partnerships with law enforcement is twice as large as we previously thought. But it's not the only example of how facial recognition is invading our lives.

Roughly half of all U.S. residents are now in police facial recognition databases.2 The top 20 U.S. airports will use facial scanning for all international travelers within the next two years.3

In Canada, the technology is growing with no transparency and no oversight. Several police services acknowledge they're using it—while others like those in Montreal and Halifax refuse to say one way or another. Shopping malls are using it to spy on customers. Soon, we could be subject to real-time, nonstop surveillance, whether we're shopping or protesting or knocking on a stranger's door. Corporations can sell that footage to advertisers. Authoritarian governments can use it to oppress us.

Anyone can use facial recognition to discriminate against women and people of color, who are misidentified with the technology almost every single time.

It's time we asked ourselves if this is the future we really want.

We need to press the pause button on facial recognition technology NOW, before Amazon's surveillance state has more time to spread. Will you chip in?


For our privacy,
Matthew, and the whole team at OpenMedia

[1] Doorbell-camera firm Ring has partnered with 400 police forces, extending surveillance concerns: The Washington Post
[2] Half of American Adults Are in Police Facial-Recognition Databases: The Atlantic
[3] The US Government Will Be Scanning Your Face At 20 Top Airports, Documents Show: Buzzfeed News


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