Global Climate Strikes

Starting Friday, people around the world will walk out on their jobs, schools, and homes to join a week of action during the global climate strike.

You can join the Global Climate Strike movement at an action near you and demand climate justice for all generations.

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Unprecedented wildfires raging across the Arctic. Ice sheets melting. Sweltering heat waves. Dried up lakes. This isn’t the future: this was summer 2019.

And corporations are to blame. Just 100 companies -- all part of the fossil fuel industry -- are responsible for 71% of carbon emissions. In Canada, banks like TD, RBC and Scotiabank are amongst the top 10 global banks propping up these massive emitters.

We need to act now. Inspired by Greta Thunberg and her school strike in Sweden, millions of adults are walking out worldwide from their jobs and university classes this week to unite and demand that we end the age of fossil fuels.

Click... here to join the hundreds of local climate strikes and events happening September 20th to the 27th in your community.

This summer broke way too many records -- hottest July, all of Alaska’s ice sheet melting, record thaws in the Arctic -- all caused by climate disruption.

Summer may be ending, but the fight for climate justice is only just now starting up in earnest with a global youth movement.

My colleague Amelia is focusing all her energy organizing a massive rally in Toronto highlighting TD Bank’s complicity in the climate crisis and demanding that it stop funding fossil fuels projects. You likely can’t make it to Toronto on Thursday, but there are hundreds of events across the country, so please find an event near you.

Find the local climate actions near you and let's stop the age of fossil fuels and pollution.

SumOfUs has been tackling the corporate-caused climate crisis since our inception. This year alone, SumOfUs members like you stopped financial giant Liberty Mutual from funding coal mining at the Great Barrier Reef, and worked with indigenous-led groups to stop pipelines, like Coastal GasLink and Trans Mountain, from pumping dangerous tarsands oil across the country.

Now, we're inviting you to join with millions around the world to strike for climate this week.

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Thanks for all that you do,
Angus, Luca, and the team at SumOfUs

More information:

Global Strike March, September 20th-27th, 2019.
Climate Devastation Is Big Business For Big Banks, Forbes. 22 April 2019.

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