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Paov—Did you see this email? The response from our supporters has been fantastic, and we're closing in on our goal to raise $10,000 to defend Internet access and security this election. Will you donate to help OpenMedia make a splash?


Candidates for Parliament are debating the future of the Internet—and some of the proposals we're hearing... are downright scary.

None of the parties have pledged to fully protect the data they collect from us.1 The Conservatives refuse to promise to do anything about our sky-high Internet and phone bills.2 The Green Party wants to require you to share your real identity on all social media, including Reddit and other forums.3 And a People's Party of Canada candidate has just been accused of walking off with personal voter data from the Conservatives to use in his campaign.4

We're mobilizing grassroots support to demand that the parties support Internet access, data privacy, and Net Neutrality. But as of this moment, we're short of the funding we need to keep going through Election Day.

We need to raise $10,000 to avoid cutting back on our work to defend Internet access and security this election. Will you donate to help OpenMedia defend the Internet this election?

We think party platforms and candidates should have to explain how they are going to defend Net Neutrality and Internet access. How will they lower prices and protect our data against corporations?

Will the government continue to protect Net Neutrality and prevent US-style website censorship and paid prioritization? None of the parties have made that pledge.

That's why we developed a pro-Internet platform for the 2019 election, outlining the critical actions the government must take to protect our digital rights to privacy, access, and free expression.

But here's the problem: a new law prohibits nonprofits like OpenMedia from using funds we've previously raised to do election work. We have to fundraise specifically for all work done during this election period.

What that means is the only way we can put pressure on the candidates to support our digital rights is if you give right now.

Will you donate to help us meet our $10,000 goal to make the free and open Internet a spotlight issue in the 2019 election?


For the free and open Internet,
Marie, and the whole team at OpenMedia

[1] Canada’s Political Parties Fail to Meet Basic Privacy Expectations: OpenMedia
[2] Canada’s Major Parties Rallying Around Telecom Pricing Issue as Election Nears: Epoch Times
[3] Greens pledge to regulate tech giants to ensure only ‘verifiable identities’ on platforms: Global News
[4] People's Party candidate Steven Fletcher accused of taking voter data from Conservatives: CBC


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