7 million at Climate Stirke


It's been a week since the global climate strike, and the team at SumOfUs are still taking in the awe-inspiring power of the 7 million people that took part in the 4000 events, across the globe, last week to demand that we end the age of fossil fuels.

SumOfUs exists to hold corporations accountable. And corporations are absolutely responsible for the current climate crisis -- just 100 companies produce 71% of global carbon emissions.

I was proud that SumOfUs worked with organizations such as 350.org to invite millions of our members that want to create a safer, cleaner world together during the climate strikes.

During the climate strikes, I made sure to gather all the stories from around the globe of SumOfUs joining in solidarity at the different strikes, so I could report them back to you, A. It was incredible to see the action in real time of SumOfUs in over 8 locations and in 3 different continents and be a part of a movement of millions hitting the streets to stop catastrophic climate change.

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Toronto, Canada

SumOfUs’ biggest on-the-ground action during climate strike week was organizing a demonstrations at TD bank’s global headquarters in Toronto, Canada. TD is one of the top 10 biggest funders of fossil fuels in the world. That’s why my colleague, Amelia, confronted executives on their way to work at a huge action at TD’s headquarters in Toronto calling on the “green” Bank to stop profiting on climate chaos.

Amelia at TD Bank Toronto HQ Climate Strike

“I was so happy to be joined by SumOfUs members in Toronto to represent the 40,000 SumOfUs members who who signed the petition calling on TD to stop financing climate change on Thursday. This was just part of a huge wave of action that saw tens of thousands of Torontonians taking to the streets Friday at the Climate Strike. People power is calling for corporations to be accountable for the climate crisis and I’m so proud to be part of it with SumOfUs members.”

- Amelia from the TD action during Climate Strike week.

Watch the video of SumOfUs at the TD action and like us on Facebook.

Berlin, Germany

One of the biggest marches in the world was in Berlin where there were close to 300,000 attendees.

Anna at Berlin Climate Strike

“Today has given me so much hope that holding corporations accountable for climate change is so possible now. It is in our reach. I saw thousands of people of different ages marching together, singing together, banging drums, so many people taking off work and skipping school for this. I am leaving today with so much hope in my heart and thank YOU for everything you do. ”

- Anna from the Berlin Climate Strike.

This is a video of SumOfUs live in Berlin at the climate strike and many other strikes last week. Please watch and like us on Facebook.

We were live at the Berlin climate strike and many others on Instagram. Please watch and follow us.

Washington, USA

We also organized a SumOfUs meet up in Washington DC where thousands striked for our climate in front of the Capitol building.

SumOfUs at DC Climate Strike

"The planet is not dying, it is being killed by corporate greed. So we are fighting for people power & against corporate greed.” -- Allison from the DC Climate Strike.

"Multinational corporations have been complicit in the climate crisis. But we have hope, we believe this is a race we can win if we all work together!" -- Andrea from the DC Climate Strike.

Watch this video of SumOfUs at the DC climate strike and many other strikes around the world then like us on Facebook.

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Paris and Bordeaux, France

SumOfUs members and staff in France were also represented at the climate strikes in Bordeaux and Paris.

Leyla at Bordeaux Climate Strike

“I joined SumOfUs to hold corporations accountable for its misdeeds such as causing catastrophic climate change. Climate change disproportionately affects poor and marginalized communities of colour, and I was heartened that we invited the millions of our members to participate in the climate strike.”

- Leyla from the Bordeaux Climate Strike.

Watch this live at the Bordeaux strike and many more climate strikes around and the world.

Want more live content? This is our Instagram stories. Please watch and follow us on Instagram.

New York, USA

In New York, SumOfUs joined 1.1 million students that were excused from school if they got their guardian’s permission to join the strike.

Toni at NY Climate Strike

“US corporations are the biggest contributors to climate change and I was happy to be in solidarity with Greta, SumOfUs members, and billions across the world who want corporations to stop funding fossil fuels.”

- Toni from the NY Climate Strike.

Watch this video of us at the NY strikes and many more climate strikes around the world and like us on Facebook.

We were also live in NY on Instagram. Please watch and follow us.

Vancouver, Canada.

In one of the last climate strikes, a hundred thousand people showed up on the streets of Vancouver to be in solidity with Greta, and fight back about climate change.

Angus at Vancouver Climate Strike

“I was at the Denver strike during the first week of the strikes, and I was nervous that the Vancouver climate strike wouldn’t live up to the Denver strike. But my hometown showed up, and then some. The Vancouver strike was the biggest and one of the most positive demonstrations I have been to in the 30 years I lived in Vancouver. It was so great to see so many signs calling for corporations to stop funding climate change.”

- Angus from the Vancouver Climate Strike.

Watch this video of us at global climate strikes around the world and like us on Facebook.

We were also live in London, Buenos Aires, Vancouver, and Denver on Instagram. Please watch and follow us.

Thanks for all that you do,
Deborah, Andrea, Amelia, Angus, and the team at SumOfUs

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