Red-Green Alliance: A Green Earth With Peace And Room For Us All

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A Socialist Project e-bulletin ... No. 1903 ... October 7, 2019

Red-Green Alliance: A Green Earth With Peace And Room For Us All

Red-Green Alliance/Enhedslisten

The world economy is characterized by major economic inequalities and by a production system that has already exceeded the limits of what is globally sustainable.

Today we see upheaval and war, recurring deep economic crises, climate change, over-exploitation of resources, deep poverty, slavery, increasing inequality, authoritarian and undemocratic regimes, and gross human rights violations. At the same time, we are approaching an ecological disaster with lightning speed. The main reason is that the capitalist system is based on exploitation and repression. It is also the main obstacle to solving the world’s problems.

Therefore, we need a new form of global production that accommodates people, communities, and the planet. Production must be organized according to human needs, and within the framework of what our Earth can sustain, and not according to short-term profit needs.

We must take the consequence that we only have one Earth, and that the earth’s resources are therefore our common responsibility and must be our... common property. We will take power and property from the transnational corporations and build socialism.

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