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Paov, in the run-up to this election, political parties are gathering more and more data on us. But do you know what information Canada’s major parties hold on you?

Our political data is particularly sensitive. It includes demographic information like your age, profession, income, and education, as well as your voting intention and donation history. It can even include how you’ve engaged with politicians’ websites or whether you’ve liked or shared parties’ posts on social media.1


But frighteningly, political parties aren’t covered by the same privacy legislation that companies in Canada must follow.2

This means far fewer limits on how much data is collected, and how long it’s kept for.

Would you like to know what information Canada’s major political parties hold on you? We’re launching an easy-to-use tool that’ll help you find out in just a few clicks.


Politicians have faced heavy criticism all over the media for failing to make themselves subject to the same privacy laws that they make companies follow.3

But it still hasn’t been enough to move them to take action. If hundreds or even thousands of requests for personal data start coming through, it will force them to pay attention.

Public pressure has already successfully convinced some parties to declare a commitment to make parties subject to privacy laws in their party platforms.4 With even more pressure, we’re hoping that more parties will make clear commitments to protect our privacy this election.


Information is power. Let’s restore trust, transparency and accountability to our democratic process.

Thanks for everything you do,

Victoria with OpenMedia

P.S. This easy tool does all the hard work of setting up the information request for you, in just a few easy clicks. Visit the site to find out what information parties hold about you.

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