Cuba: Something That Must Be Defended

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A Socialist Project e-bulletin ... No. 1910 ... October 16, 2019

Cuba: Something That Must Be Defended

Yassel A. Padrón Kunakbaeva

For starters, I must say that the present juncture hasn’t been particularly harsh for me. It must have been luck, but the right bus has always turned up to get me out of a jam. I’ve managed to travel with some leg room even. That doesn’t mean I don’t understand and relate to the difficult situation people are in all over the country.

In these last few days I’ve had some time to reflect. Among the things which have drawn my attention is the solidarity of drivers who stop to give people a ride. I’m not only referring to those who stop when the authorities make them, but to those who do it of their own free will. Several officials have given me a ride, and there I am, in the back seat, feeling slightly guilty for writing articles against the bureaucracy.

On Tuesday, September 24, Donald Trump gave his speech at the United Nations General Assembly. He said, among other wacky things,... that Socialism and Communism are not about helping the poor, but about one thing only: "power for the ruling class." Karl Marx, wherever he is, must be completely dumbstruck. Hearing that coming from the buffoon who now sits in the imperial throne is truly infuriating.

One who is usually disappointed with the sluggishness and bureaucracy infesting the Cuban government must inevitably ask: why does Donald Trump want to destroy it? If this government is so unrevolutionary, why blockading it so vehemently, to the point of criminalizing the ships that bring oil to the island?

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