Ending Racialized Injustice

... Two police officers arresting a woman © Pete Maclaine/eyevine/Redux It’s time for a grown-up conversation about the racialized nature of the war on drugs. Before governments, policymakers, civil society groups, and the public can have that discussion, however, the way that many countries collect data on drug crimes must undergo serious reform. Because although the racial disparities in drug law enforcement are widely understood on a general level, the truth is that detailed and reliable data is hard to find. Realizing where we have gone wrong is a prerequisite to addressing the injustices and harms of the drug war. Getting reliable data is an indispensable first step. Facebook Twitter



Kazakhstan’s Theater for All

Members of a theater group wearing black shirts at a rehearsal Literal Action, a groundbreaking inclusive theater project in Kazakhstan, is trying to redefine how both audiences and performers understand theater—and unlock its radically inclusive potential. Facebook Twitter United States

“We’re More, and We’re Not Afraid”

A woman holding a Puerto Rican flag among other protestors It’s been two years since Hurricane Maria devastated Puerto Rico. In the time since, historic protests have forced a hated governor from office—inaugurating a new era of reform and political mobilization. Facebook Twitter Europe

Confronting the EU’s Three Biggest Challenges

Heather Grabbe During this moment of change and instability, the EU has an opportunity to make reforms that will ensure it can tackle the problems of the 21st century. A new report offers a guide for turning this potential into reality. Facebook Twitter A group of people posing in drag Instagram

The Power of #BlackDragMagic

In this week’s Open Society Instagram takeover, we share the stories from an inspiring group of drag artists who are challenging bigotry simply by being their true selves. Facebook Twitter If this message was forwarded to you, please sign up for future updates. Twitter Instagram Facebook YouTube LinkedIn © 2019 Open Society Foundations.
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