We could lose everything next week.

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We're less than a week from Election Day, and we still haven't sealed up the vote for the Internet.

All of the parties have released their platforms, and we're seeing the Internet Tax rear its ugly head again and again. Several parties have no plans to address cell phone affordability. Threats to our privacy at the border and beyond abound.


We're approaching the finish line for our work to defend Internet access and security this election, and we can't afford to come up short. Donate to help OpenMedia defend the Internet this election.

For two months, we've been spotlighting our pro-Internet platform for the 2019 election, calling on candidates to take the steps needed to protect our digital rights to privacy, access, and free expression.1

We've been driving thousands of emails to candidates and MPs from supporters of the free and open Internet, as well as lobbying all we can before the polls open.

But the election is just days away, and we have yet to get a party-wide commitment to stop skyrocketing Internet and cell phone bills. We have been given no promises about our privacy. We need a government that protects our digital privacy, but some of the parties are playing fast and loose with our data.

We have just days left to pressure the candidates to support our digital rights. Will you chip in?


For the free and open Internet,
Marie, and the whole team at OpenMedia

[1] A pro-Internet platform for our digital future OpenMedia


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