After the Federal Election: the Dangers and Challenges that Lie Ahead

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A Socialist Project e-bulletin ... No. 1919 ... October 28, 2019

After the Federal Election: the Dangers and Challenges that Lie Ahead

Pierre Beaudet

It is still early to interpret fully the results of Canada’s October 21 federal election. But behind the immediate results some trends are clear.

The "right-wing wave" the Conservatives hoped for proved to be little more than a ripple. In Ontario, and in particular the immense metropolitan area of Toronto, the fear campaign mounted by the Liberals was effective. Premier Doug Ford was the perfect scarecrow. The "Ford Nation" of the angry suburbanites had little presence. In Western Canada there was little change. The Tory super-majorities in Prairie ridings did little to increase that party’s overall representation in Parliament. While they picked up a few seats in the Atlantic provinces, the Liberals maintained their overwhelming majority there. In Quebec, as expected, the Tories made no headway, winning only 8 seats. Their far-right offshoot, the climate-change denier Maxime Bernier was defeated and his People’s Party of Canada went nowhere, polling less than 2 per cent.

An initial conclusion: Canada is not... fertile ground, at least for now, for the kind of ultra-reactionary wave that we have been seeing in the United States, England, Germany and elsewhere. Notwithstanding many nuances, this is positive.

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