The new chemical in Canadian rivers

Chloran is the new neonic -- a toxic pesticide used by farmers that is seeping into rivers and destroying ecosystems.

Tell the Quebec government that chloran has no place in our river beds.

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Quebec’s rivers may soon be full of floating dead fish. The culprit is chloran -- a highly toxic pesticide planted in the soil of our farms.

In Quebec, chloran is being sprayed on over half a million acres, seeping into rivers, poisoning water insects that are critical food for frogs, fish and birds. Chloran is poisoning our rivers. Quickly.

We know that the Quebec government is serious about getting toxic chemicals off the fields as it has already begun enforcing Health Canada’s neonics ban before the deadline. A huge outcry from you now can prevent disaster for our waterways.

Tell the Quebec government that toxic pesticide chloran has no place in our farms and waterways.

100% of rivers in Quebec... have toxic chloran in them and 13% of rivers are already at dangerous levels.

And wide-spread use is completely unnecessary as only 4% of farmlands have insect problems.

With such a strong case against it, your pressure now could be the tipping point that finally gets chloran out of our fields and rivers.

Tell Quebec Environment Minister Charette NO to chloran.

Thanks to the huge response by SumOfUs members in Canada like you to ban bee-killing neonics, Health Canada announced that it would ban the biggest neonic pesticides. It was a major win for Canada’s bee population, farmers and citizens and proof that people power can take on even the biggest Agri-giants.

Although the national neonics ban won’t come into effect for another couple years, the Quebec government has already made it harder for farmers to use neonics -- and its regulatory hoops have drastically reduced neonic use across the province.

Now we can ride that momentum and push the Quebec government to protect our waterways from the threat of chloran.

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Thanks for all that you do,
Amelia, Angus, Luca and the team at SumOfUs

More information:

(In French) EXIT NÉONIC, BIENVENUE CHLORANTRANILIPROLE , Radio-Canada, 28 September 2019
(In French) Les pesticides « tueurs d’abeilles » ont de la relève , Radio-Canada, 27 September 2019

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